On the 30th January 2020, NLPL ceremonially introduced a new product named “JUERINA” to their customers by bringing beauty and quality not only to your dinner tables but a beautiful experience to cherish your life. To mark this special occasion a brief ceremony was held under the patronage of the Deputy Chairman and Managing Director Mr. H Tanaka and the Director/ General Manager Mrs. Sujatha Egodagedara at the factory outlet at Matale. “JUERINA” is a way forward in the industry and it is a rich collection of jewelry made out of porcelain and decorated by skillful hand painters attached to NLPL. The name “JUERINA” has been formed to convey the meaning “Beautiful Porcelain Jewelry” by combining three Japanese words “Jueri” (Jewelry), “Kiriena” (Beautiful) and “Jiki” (Porcelain). NLPL will launch this innovative product to the local and international market in the near future.

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