On 11th January 2020 the customers of NLPL were provided with a unique opportunity to learn about the hand painting, the fine pieces of artwork of the porcelain production process as well as they were given a chance to try their hand and to make their own pieces which they can truly treasure. This colorful event was taken place at Colombo 07, NLPL City Show Room and a large number of customers were participated in the event, with enthusiasm.

Most colorful part of tableware production process is the decal application. Noritake Lanka porcelain uses both decalcomania and traditional hand painting techniques for this purpose. The Noritake Hand Painting factory is located at Pannala where you can witness the creation of decorative porcelain. The skilled artists of Noritake are some of the best in the country. Every single handcrafted piece they produce makes for stunningly beautiful item that stand out for the excellent quality.

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